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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Choosing the Best Platform as an Enterprise-level User

You are probably aware that the eCommerce industry is expanding and growing which is why there are so many eCommerce platforms out there. Some of these platforms are designed for specific categories of users like enterprise-level users. If you are interested in using a platform like this, you can always count on platforms like Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. In fact, most users are looking at Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise comparisons before choosing a platform of this kind.

Shopify Plus represents a Canadian-based SaaS solution which was revealed over four years ago. On the other hand, the latest version of Magento Enterprise (Magento 2) was unveiled four years ago. Now let’s compare these popular eCommerce solutions.

Magento Enterprise

For starters, Magento Enterprise has decided to keep the old school system of working which is preferred by many users. What many of them like about this platform is that you can customize almost every element found here. In other words, you can code anything you want. Of course, in order to do this, you must have tech knowledge and skills. At the same time, you should be prepared to maintain the code. Obviously, you don’t have to do this on your own, but in that case, you have to pay someone to do this (a developer).

With Magento Enterprise, you can’t expect to find new features for free. Additional features are paid. This is a self-hosted solution which means that you also have to take care of the hosting and you must pay for dedicated customer support. To maximize the effects of your business activities through your eCommerce site based on Magento Enterprise, you must utilize third-party plugins.

Shopify Plus

Unlike Magento Enterprise, you are looking at a SaaS product here. Shopify Plus uses the latest technological advancements and follows the trends in the eCommerce industry. You don’t have to create anything from scratch because you have access to pre-made themes/templates. There are more than one hundred of them and they are all mobile-friendly and responsive. Users can find completely free templates too. Even though Shopify Plus has many built-in features, you will probably have to download applications to make an online store that meets all your business needs. The good thing is that they have created an app store where you can find literally hundreds of applications.

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