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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Comparing two great platforms

Modern eCommerce platforms are much more than virtual storefronts. These platforms act as sophisticated systems that can help online sellers with many different things including order management, creation, and management of promotions, providing more personalized customer experiences and more. Of course, to get all these things, you must find the best platform. Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise is a common comparison these days because these two platforms have proven to be very helpful. In this article, we will compare the features of these eCommerce solutions.

Customization/Ease of use

As expected, each platform comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Yet, when it comes to ease of use, we must say that using Shopify Plus is much easier and simpler than using Magento Enterprise. With Shopify Plus, you can alter only the core code while Magento allows complete customization, but in order to conduct something like that, you must have coding knowledge and skills. So, with Shopify Plus, you can make smooth and fast changes directly from the dashboard without coding. Of course, users can make changes in Magento Enterprise too, but they need to spend some time learning how this system works.


It doesn’t matter whether you will opt for Magento Enterprise or Shopify Plus – you have to ensure that your clients are protected well. Don’t forget that Shopify Plus is a fully hosted option where security is managed automatically. Every Shopify-powered website out there is Level 1 PCI compliant from the beginning. Magento Enterprise is typically a self-hosted solution. This means that PCI compliance is something that you have to manage on your own. You must conduct the tests and confirm that your website works well. In case you notice any security problems, you will have to cover the costs of fixing these things.

Managing multiple stores

It’s not unusual for enterprise-level users to run multiple stores on the Internet. This was one of the best features provided by Magento Enterprise in the past. Of course, they still have this feature, but so does Shopify Plus too. You must use third-party application to achieve this objective with the help of Shopify Plus though. The good thing is that managing multiple stores is easy because you have everything you need on the dashboard. Additionally, we should mention that both platforms support multiple currencies which mean that it’s easy to sell your goods/services all over the world.